Leading Strong Team Players

Do you know any insurance professionals with a strong, domineering personality? Their presence and force of will impact the success of the team or organization with standout results. Their personality is their super power. However, like any power, it can be used for good or evil. They can inspire, motivate, guide, mentor, and so much more. Conversely, they can divide, manipulate, or even take over. I liken these individuals to “Hulks” like the hero in the “Avengers” movie. The Hulk has immeasurable strength, but his erratic behavior creates problems for the team. To effectively lead “Hulks” that are on your team, you must have a high degree of self-confidence, and an equal, if not greater, degree of humility.

We have seen this in sports with the explosive NFL wide receiver, Antonio Brown, and in basketball, with Dennis Rodman.  Both with the potential to bring value to the group, but also a tendency to take the team off track.  

Imagine this scene: New York is under attack by aliens. Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers, assemble to save the day.   The leader, Captain America, starts giving each member specific actions to take.  The wildcard in the group is the Hulk.    However, in this moment, Captain America is able to use the Hulk’s strength effectively, allowing the Avengers to save New York.

How did he do it?  He applied five strategies that I have used for years. To focus the “superpowers” of strong team members and release them to “smash” competition and generate high productivity, I have:

1.      Earned their respect;

2.      Have thick skin;

3.      Am not intimidated;

4. Give them clear direction; and

5.      “Let Hulk Smash”.

Earn their respect . As the saying goes, “Strength recognizes strength.” Demonstrate your strength before them. Model strong ethics, decision-making, and strategy.  Live an impactful life and your reputation will precede you.   Correct them as necessary; defend them at all cost, and the Hulk” will start to look to you for leadership.

Have thick skin. When you have strong personalities on your team, they will call you out. They may criticize your decisions. If they are right, then be wrong and strong by quickly acknowledging your error.

Don’t be intimidated. Strong team players are intelligent and effective in their jobs. They may even be better than you. They may have a personality that garners support and brings them notoriety. However, realize that their strength, is your strength. You are the leader, so there is no reason to be intimidated.

Give them clear direction. This is critical.  Strong team players are ready to “Smash,” but they are waiting for you to give the order. They are respectful,  but if you don’t lead, they will take the helm from you. As the leader, you know how their strength can effectively be used. Communicate that to them with clarity and specificity.

Finally, “Let Hulk Smash!”Once you determine what needs to be done, do not micromanage them. Free them to be effective and maximize their strengths. Give them the parameters, then stand back and “Let Hulk Smash!”

Do you have any “Hulks” on your team? Your ability to manage strong team players can be a game changer, not only for your team, but for your organization as well.

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  1. As always Rod, you bought it home. What anawesome insight for our personal as well as our business life. God bless you my friend. 🙏🏿 ❤️👍🏿💯🔥

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